Issue #287: What's our purpose? (vote)

Ownership Mentality

Welcome back to our fifty some-odd thousand investopreneurs joining us for this weekends edition of the newsletter!

What do you feel the main purpose of our community should be?

Why should another (our) community even exist?

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For those of you who are new here (which there has been quite a few as of late, thank you) — over the past several weeks we have been in the midst of launching our community by collective vote.

It all started with a simple poll (4) issues ago — as a newsletter with some 287 issues deep — should we also launch a community? With over 1,000 votes casted, the answer was YES!

Next, we asked which of you brave souls would be interested in helping out as active Founding Members & what you’d be willing to contribute. Over 200 of our amazing members raised their hands to help out!

Last week we wanted to take a pulse of pricing & really push the concept of ‘paying it forward’ by having those who can afford to sponsor other members who are building on a budget. An astounding ~450 of you voted with a surprise twist being the $99 month price point coming in as the #1 choice!

Based on last week’s poll we will be launching with (2) tiers of membership:

  • Those who can afford to sponsor someone else — This will be a higher price point, but will pay it forward and help subsidize the cost for someone else. It will also come with more value tied to the concept that you get more by giving than by taking.

  • Those who would like to be sponsored — this will help us deliver on our promise to make access to resources both affordable and flexible for every entrepreneur.

This week, we want to dive as deep as we possibly can into the core PURPOSE of our community. Our WHY. Our HEART. Our truest and strongest reason for existing.

There could be thousands of other communities out there for people building profitable businesses — however — there will only be one who has been built from the ground up around its members & only one that will share the power of our purpose built intentions.

That being said, what do you feel is our strongest purpose?

Building Your Optimal Life as an Investopreneur 

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When designing the concept of investopreneurship, everything was founded on the idea of helping people achieve freedom through capitalism.  

Specifically, the freedom to decide.

Essentially, this means being able to build your optimal life through the ownership of assets, leaving you in a position to have the financial freedom to decide what it is you want to do with the time you have left. 

But what does "building your optimal life" truly entail within the framework of investopreneurship? It's about much more than financial success; it's about crafting a life where your choices are not constrained by economic limitations but are instead driven by personal aspirations, values, and desires.

Financial freedom, as envisioned by investopreneurship, is not merely about accumulating wealth for health's sake. It's about what that wealth enables you to do with your time. Time is our most precious commodity, and financial independence offers the unparalleled ability to choose how we spend it. Whether it's pursuing hobbies, investing in relationships, embarking on philanthropic endeavors, or simply enjoying the moments that bring us joy, the ultimate luxury is the freedom to decide.

Moreover, investopreneurship advocates for this approach as a realistic and attainable goal, not just for the elite but for anyone willing to embrace the principles of strategic investment and entrepreneurship. It encourages a proactive stance towards wealth creation, emphasizing the importance of education, calculated risk-taking, and the leveraging of opportunities within the capitalist system to build a foundation of assets that work for you.

In crafting your optimal life through investopreneurship, the focus is on creating a lifestyle that resonates with your personal definition of success and fulfillment. It's about designing a life where work is not a mere obligation but a choice and where financial pressures do not dictate your path. This model serves as a blueprint for leveraging capitalism positively, allowing for a balanced, enriched life where freedom and personal satisfaction are paramount.

In essence, investopreneurship is a call to action—a manifesto for those who seek to live on their own terms, supported by the stability and possibilities that come with financial independence. It's a journey of discovery, ambition, and mindful planning, with the ultimate destination being a life that is not only prosperous but also deeply rewarding and aligned with one's unique vision of happiness and purpose.

From the perspective of an investopreneur, embracing the journey towards financial independence and the construction of an optimal life involves a deep understanding and acceptance of several fundamental truths. These foundational truths not only guide strategic decision-making but also help in navigating the emotional and psychological landscapes of entrepreneurship and investment.

Give Yourself Permission

As an investopreneur, it's crucial to give yourself permission to dream big, take risks, and step outside of conventional paths. This means allowing yourself to explore unconventional opportunities, make bold decisions, and sometimes, defy the expectations set by society or even your inner circle. It's about trusting your vision and capabilities enough to pursue what truly matters to you, even when it involves stepping into the unknown. This permission liberates you from self-imposed limitations, opening the door to possibilities that align with your aspirations and values. Sometimes we just need to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable. 

Life is a Real Thing

Acknowledging that "life is a real thing" involves recognizing and respecting the complexity and unpredictability of life. As an investopreneur, this means understanding that your entrepreneurial journey will be interwoven with personal challenges, successes, and the everyday realities of life. It's important to balance ambition with the needs and demands of your personal life, health, and relationships. This balance ensures that while you strive for financial freedom and professional success, you also maintain a healthy, fulfilling life outside of work.

Everything Takes Time

Patience is a virtue, especially in the world of investopreneurship. Acknowledging that "everything takes time" means accepting that success, growth, and achieving your optimal life won't happen overnight. Building a single business, or a portfolio of investments, growing businesses, and acquiring assets requires patience, persistence, and a long-term perspective. Appreciating that meaningful progress is the result of cumulative efforts over time helps investopreneurs stay the course, even when immediate results aren't visible.

Appreciate the Process

The journey towards investopreneurship is as important as the destination. Appreciating the process involves embracing the learning experiences, challenges, and milestones along the way. This perspective encourages investopreneurs to find value in the lessons learned from failures, the growth that comes from overcoming obstacles, and the satisfaction derived from building something from the ground up. It's about finding joy and fulfillment in the act of creating and growing your ventures, not just in the outcomes they produce.

Nothing is Perfect

Finally, embracing the notion that "nothing is perfect" helps investopreneurs to navigate the uncertainties and imperfections inherent in business and investment. It fosters a mindset of continuous improvement, adaptability, and resilience. Instead of being paralyzed by the pursuit of perfection, investopreneurs learn to make the best decisions with the information available, adapt to changing circumstances, and iterate on their strategies. This acceptance of imperfection also encourages a culture of innovation and creativity, as it allows for risk-taking and learning from mistakes. Make simple bets and always be optimizing on your path to perfect. 

What do you feel the main purpose of our community should be?

Why should another (our) community even exist?

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